Have you considered purchasing CBD for your dog? We have had many people ask our opinion on CBD and which brand is best, so we did our own research on CBD for dogs. Oftentimes, people use CBD for their dog because there is a need. Does your dog have anxiety issues? Is your dog suffering from joint pain? Some dogs are healthy but have slight issues, such as excessive licking. Is this your dog?
During our research of the best dog CBD brands, we kept coming back to Honest Paws, a brand rapidly expanding in this growing industry. They are on a mission to help relieve some of these issues through their high quality oils, chews and bites. Their ingredients are what you would expect in a leading CBD brand, with Full-Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil found in every bottle, which comes directly from Colorado. They also use organic human grade ingredients in their chews and bites, including 100% organic turmeric in the Relief bites. Each product is then tested by an independent third-party lab.
We were curious and intrigued to complete a case study with three of our four-legged clients with different needs. Below, we highlight each of these dogs, their reason for using Honest Paws, and our results. These powerful stories may convince you to try the brand for yourself.


Stevie (shown in picture doing something she would never have done just two months ago, relaxing!) is a dog with high anxiety, and we are working on her mental health through running. She is now a much more relaxed dog while exercising with us. We knew our program would be extremely beneficial to her mind and body through positive, structured running. While we  help calm her nerves with running, we aim to help keep her relaxed after we leave. What happens when her family leaves for the day? Is she still anxious when alone at home? We were confident the Calm Oil and Bites would be the line to help promote a mentally healthy dog. We received a message within a day of their trial saying how apparent it was to them that not only does she love the taste of the bites, but the oil is a lifesaver! A calm mind is what the goal is with Honest Paws products for Stevie, and it has helped her, and her humans tremendously. So much so, that Stevie’s family has already purchased more!


Kirby is a healthy six year old Chocolate Lab. One would say he seems perfectly happy and not have a need for CBD. Although a pretty easygoing boy by nature (Other than when his dog runner arrives! He transforms to a canine pogo stick!), he tends to excessively lick his paw when he’s bored at home. His humans have never used CBD, but very much wanted to take part in this study to see if his habit would lessen. We gave his family the Wellness Oil and Calm Bites. As much as we appreciate a solid Labrador leap in the air, seeing his normal happy self refrain from jumping, was a welcome surprise. After arrival, we were told he was given a Calm Bite shortly before we came. This helped promote a content, less bouncy boy. We were also told the Wellness Oil drops in his food were a big hit for him, as he gladly ate everything in his bowl. Kirby’s humans said they DEFINITELY noticed an obvious lack of paw licking! They believe Honest Paws products have helped their boy and look forward to continuing their relationship with the brand.


Espen is literally Superdog. This Australian Kelpie is the healthiest boy we work with and is an astonishing 21 years old. Yes, we said he is 21 years old. Part of his success is not just due to his long living breed. His athletic owner has been taking him on years of runs, hikes and everything in between. She always prioritizes a healthy diet and lifestyle for herself and dogs. In the last few years, Espen has expectedly slowed down. His human bought CBD for him in the past and he absolutely wanted nothing to do with the oils.  We are told he is a finicky eater and she believes the scent is what turned him off. She was hesitant to try Honest Paws Mobility Oil because of the lack of success previously, but thought she would give it one more try. Not only did he have a renewed sense of energy, he transformed back into a spry 16 year old Kelpie puppy! We have proudly shown his happy running on our Instagram page, to many people’s surprise. He is remarkable, and obviously still smiles while he jogs happily along! We are so proud of him, and his Mom is an Honest Paws convert!



These three running dogs have highly benefitted from Honest Paws, and we have had other clients achieve similar success. Their many positive reviews online paint the picture of this much deserved #1 rated mission-based CBD brand. We have seen firsthand results with the dogs we spend ample time with exercising, and we believe Honest Paws does in fact promote a positive mind and body. When combining our running program and proper nutrition, we feel this helps create optimal wellbeing. To see a nervous dog calm yet aware, an excessive paw licker no longer licking, and oldest of old dogs thrive, we are confident Honest Paws has helped. Our 15% discount, FITDOG15, is good on their site HERE. We hope you try them out, and let us know your thoughts on Honest Paws after your purchase! We don’t think you will be disappointed by their high quality products. We saw for ourselves, multiple positive results in our running dogs!






  • Walt says:

    I have a senior dog with joint pain and have been hesitant to try cbd. This makes me hopeful for my boy, Chuck. He is a lovable Olde English Bulldog. His only fault is his drool.

    • Hi Walt! We have had senior dogs try the Mobility line with success, so it’s something to definitely look into! As for the drool, isn’t that part of the charm of every single Bulldog?!?!

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