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A Safe Game of Tug-Of-War For You and Your Dog!

By June 15, 2020 No Comments

We have all purchased pull toys for our pup, and when played safely, Tug-Of-War is also quite the workout for humans!  Be prepared for laughter and sweat as you two workout together, just like Kirby and his Dad did here!  Tug-Of-War with the indestructible West Paw Bumi Tug Toy is a highly stimulating workout, and perfect bonding experience for human and dog.  This FDA approved, latex free toy is sure to a hit in your household.  Kirby’s human thinks the best part of the Bumi is that it is dishwasher safe, meaning no leftover, slimy dog saliva on this toy!

When playing tug-of-war, this s-shaped toy expands twice its length which allows for ample grip space for human and dog.  West Paw has a hit on their hands with their exclusive Zogoflex material.  This bendy, stretching and even bouncy material of the Bumi is unlike any toy we’ve tested.  The soft material means its easier on your dog’s mouth and jaws, unlike other toys.  Another highlight is their products are made in Bozeman, Montana, keeping their products truly made in the USA!  If you have a dog who needs chew therapy, we recommend any of the Zogoflex products by West Paw and their durability rating helps you choose the right fit for your dog.  We give the Bumi Tug Toy “four paws up”!!!

Read our tips below, to be sure playing with your pup remains safe and fun for both of you.  

  1. The first and most crucial tip is, having a “release” command. This avoids potential aggression from your dog, and your dog should be declared the winner of each round.  Why?  Winning and praise builds his confidence (similar to a 5 year old human!) and he will see this as a positive outlet and perfect bonding with his human best friend.  
  2. YOU make the rules. YOU start the game.  Having the human lead, sets the tone for the game.
  3. Manage each game properly with lots of praise!  This is one of the most enjoyable bonding activities you and your dog can participate in together.  Tug-Of-War incorporates our two major aspects of canine fitness: physical AND mental activity.
  4. “Play growling” is fine in moderation, as long as his tail is wagging!  Anything more than this, means it’s break time. If your dog bites, or breaks skin, game time is over.  This is meant to be fun and tiring for you both, in a healthy way.
  5.  The longer you play, the more tired both of you will be, and a happy, tired dog is always the goal.  A happy, tired human is a bonus!


We hope you and your dog incorporate these tips with your Bumi Tug Toy and we look forward to seeing pictures of your game!  When played safely, Tug-Of-War is one of the best bonding exercises for us and our four-legged family member!


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