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Dog running is a great way to help rescue dogs find confidence. Running is great for all dogs, but it is especially beneficial for rescue dogs and those dogs recently brought home from shelters. Rescue dogs and dogs suffering from “shelter shock” need a healthy way to release nervous energy and form positive bonds with humans. 

Many rescue dogs have fear-based behaviors that stem from their difficult starts in life. They may be overly timid and submissive. Or a dog may be quick to bark and show fear aggression behaviors with other dogs. Because of any mistreatment they have experienced in the past, rescue dogs may suffer from an excess of anxiety. This can manifest in lots of ways. Some dogs deal with stress by destructive chewing and digging. Others struggle to be calm and relaxed around other dogs.  

Dog running can be a great help for a rescue dog. Dog running provides a safe and focused activity for rescue dogs to use to build confidence and decrease anxiety. Running helps focus a rescue dog’s energy in new and unfamiliar environments, building up their confidence as they work on a task with a trusted human companion by their side. The mental and physical exercise is a great combination that helps to boost your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. It is also a great way to build trust and teamwork together with your pup, helping them to see that the world is not a scary and lonely place for them anymore.

The Fittest Dog is devoted to using the transformative power of running to help dogs live their best, healthiest life. Contact us to find our how we can help your dog live a long and happy life!

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