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Do I Need Pet Insurance For My Dog?

By July 16, 2020 2 Comments
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Insurance is a part of life. Between home, auto, renters, dental and much more, insurance is a must. What about dogs? Do I need pet insurance for my dog? The answer is yes, but choosing the correct company and coverage for your needs can be overwhelming. We have researched this often overlooked industry and have our picks for the top pet insurance choices for your dog. 


Every dog needs some form of exercise, and with a healthy lifestyle, pet insurance may not be on the forefront of our minds.  One study, from, shows owning a dog can cost up to $42,000, with a large amount of this being in veterinarian care. One of our human clients informed us the rattlesnake bite her dog recently suffered, set her back thousands of dollars. She said she wished she had listened to herself and purchased pet insurance for this very reason. 


Have a healthy puppy?  

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is our pick for numerous reasons. First and foremost, their monthly rates start at $20 for dogs, and they insure as young as 8 weeks. This protects your puppy from their known curiosity of the world! Protection from bee stings and Parvo are two of the most common insurance needs in a young pup. We also appreciate the fact Healthy Paws is known for their exemplary customer service, something we pride ourselves on as well! They have an almost perfect customer satisfaction rate, and are proud of their two day 99% claim processing time. Their “Speedy Claim Payouts” can also be uploaded to your computer or their mobile app.

Healthy Paws covers non pre-existing conditions from illness, injury, cancer, X-rays, bloodwork, emergency, alternative medicines and so much more. 


Is your dog a breed with known hereditary conditions? 

If so, Trupanion is our pick for you. Besides covering illnesses and wounds, Trupanion has coverages for dogs prone to hip dysplasia, thyroid disease, cancer and other conditions. Although your dog is healthy now, purchasing insurance geared towards your dog’s breed is something to consider. They do not cover wellness and preventative exams and fees, however, reimbursement of what they do cover is at 90%, with no payout limits.  

Also, Trupanion has Vet Direct Pay where you pay your portion due directly to your vet at checkout. There is no claim to submit, and your vet practice does that for you before you leave. You are told the after deductible amount owed, minutes after they submit the claim. This makes a future insurance reimbursement one less thing to worry about!  


Our senior dogs will not be left out! 

Once your dog’s tenth birthday is on the horizon, you need to make a decision on whether or not to finally purchase insurance for your soon to be mature pup…or do you? Pets Best is a company who will write policies for our mature pups. They have no maximum age limit, so older dogs can still get coverage as long as there are no pre-existing conditions. If you have a healthy dog who doesn’t let age slow him or her down, this is a great choice. Pets Best also has Vet Direct Pay as an option as well as routine care coverage.

If you are on a tight budget but want to find an affordable insurance option, their 70% reimbursement rate plan starts at just $9 per month. 


What about dental insurance for my dog?

A surprisingly high 80% of dogs have some type of periodontal disease by the time they reach age 3. Embrace Pet Insurance is our choice for top dental insurance provider. Although other insurance companies have a dental option with their policy, they do not cover routine care such as cleanings, and dental is not their specialty. Through the Embrace Wellness Plan, teeth cleanings are included. Also, if you are a GEICO customer, you can bundle your plan through Embrace.

In the event of unexpected accident or illness which may occur, coverage through Embrace covers broken or fractured teeth, extractions, gingivitis, root canals, periodontal disease and more. Reimbursements can be as high as 90% depending on plan, and monthly premiums start at $13. Customer service on their mobile app is available 24/7, which means someone is always available for your questions regarding your dog’s dental insurance needs!


To recap, researching for pet insurance can be just as overwhelming as it is for humans. We do our part at The Fittest Dog to help keep your four-legged family member healthy, and this is another component to maximizing longevity in your dog.  It’s necessary to choose a policy and company which best suits your dog’s needs and potential future issues. Reimbursement amount, payout cap (your maximum coverage amount), and deductibles are important first steps to research when choosing a plan and provider. Also, keep in mind most companies who require you to submit a claim have a minimum 14 day waiting period before reimbursement.  If this is an issue, consider a company with a Vet Direct Pay option.  





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