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New Year Motivation: Dog Fitness Tips You Can Use, Too!

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Golden Retriever running on the beach for dog fitness

The holidays are a time for togetherness for humans as well as their four-legged family members. It’s also a time to take a step back, reflect on the year — possibly while indulging in a few too many baked goods! We are guilty of this at TFD!) For many of us, January is a time to reset and find motivation to start a New Year fitness journey. If you are looking for that perfect fitness partner, look no further than your dog. Chances are, he also needs some fitness motivation after time off from your regular routine. To help you get back on track, we’ve listed some dog fitness tips to help you both get a running start to the new year.

US dogs are packing on the pounds

Exercise can be made fun with a four-legged partner! Believe it or not, your dog will most likely be willing to take on the role of motivational fitness support pup. At The Fittest Dog, we are dog fitness advocates and champions for optimal canine health! We are highly motivational when it comes to their humans as well! As we have shared before, US dogs are gaining weight at an alarming rate from an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. TFD is here to help make a change for the better in your dog and you! Read on for dog fitness tips.

Tips for working out with your dog

Here are some ideas for working up a sweat with your new fitness partner: 

  • Hiking a dog friendly trail! While not necessarily running, you and your dog will be working many different muscles, all while exploring the great outdoors together.  Remember to carry a collapsible water bowl for your dog and water for you! 
  • Swimming is another option that is great for senior dogs or those with joint issue.  The mental stimulation alone is a highlight for us! As a duo, we like the dog friendly beaches to swim together, but as a form of solo exercise therapy for your dog, Del Mar-based Tsavo’s Canine Rehab is always a standout service. 
  • Frisbee is another fun way to get both of your wiggles out, and this is an exercise that requires teamwork between you and your dog. If you have not played frisbee with your dog before, get ready for lots of laughs! Hyper Flite is a well-known frisbee that even the best of biters cant puncture, and it flies! 
  • RUN! Yes, do what we do best, and that is run! If your dog is still a young pup or you have concerns, consult with your vet first.  Once your dog gets the sign of approval, dog running is THE best exercise for both you and your four-legged family member, and the bond you will form through exercise is something to truly cherish.  

We are here to help

 We are always here with any questions you may have — from leash specifics (Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner is our #1 choice) to human running shoes (from road to trail) — we have tried and tested dozens of brands and styles! 

 The Fittest Dog is dedicated to tackling dog obesity in a healthy, balanced way. Contact us to find ouhow we can help your dog live a long and healthy life! 

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