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Dog Gear Reviews: NewRoad Foods Wild-Caught Whitefish Protein Chips

By August 20, 2020 2 Comments
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Do you have a dog who sprints to you at the slightest sound of a newly opened treat bag? Our four-legged clients literally jump for joy when we have a new edible product to sample. At TFD, we have tested and guided clients from one longtime dog food, to another if it suits their health needs. NewRoad Foods is what many Southern California dogs crave, and we know firsthand their quality is truly the best. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, they had to temporarily shut their kitchen, leaving many dogs and humans missing their favorite food. Fast forward a few months and they are BACK! Although they are currently only baking their popular treats, NewRoad has a new and very well received addition.

Our new favorite Protein Chips with Wild-Caught Whitefish comes complete with organic coconut oil for added health benefits. Their technique of creating a cold form for their dough, while using a pasta maker to create each bite, is genius! Baking the treats slightly, this locks in nutrients and provide the best crunch for each and every piece. They are ideal for pups with food sensitivities, and similar to their Chicken Protein Chips, the Whitefish is made with only a few ingredients, baked just days before arriving at your door. They’re also low-calorie, making them perfect as a meal topper, training treat or healthy snack for your pup.

We are beyond thrilled to see NewRoad back in the kitchen, doing what they do best! We hope to see their other popular food lines back soon, and in the meantime will always support this Father/Daughter dynamo! Please visit NewRoad Foods to purchase these treats available by delivery. Kirby, our tester, gives the Whitefish four paws up and is excited for more, as are many of our running dog clients!


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