Are you looking for a healthy treat for your dog? We are here to tell you about our latest find and it’s a special one! We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Animal Planet host of My Big Fat Pet Makeover, Travis Brorsen, and learning about his mission of healthy and fit dogs, just like ours. What we didn’t know is he also has a partnership with Oklahoma based 4Rkids. Their collaboration led to what is quite possibly the most popular of any treat we have tested. Travis’s Greatest American Dog Treats are so popular that we wanted to test his jerky out on select dogs. What is it that makes Pete’s Mesquites Beef Jerky so popular? Read below to learn the story!


Being a mission-based business focused on canine health, we are quite picky about what we choose to give our four-legged clients, post run. Although we don’t give every dog a treat, we do occasionally give them to happily tired and well exercised dogs. It’s not every day that we find a treat that each dog absolutely loves, but we found it here.


Travis partnered with 4Rkids when he was looking for someone to package and mail his treats. 4RKids is an Oklahoma-based organization which employees adults with disabilities, giving them a structured work environment. What we didn’t know was when we received our treats in the mail, we would have more than simply one bag of treats. We also received a homemade thank you card signed by one of the employees and information on 4RKids. Someone there obviously put effort into the card and packaging, making us smile! Now onto the treat at hand… 


We have given eight of our running dogs this jerky and all eight were left upset at their runner for not giving them more! These ultra thin jerky strips create one heck of a crunch! Travis was adamant at not having any fillers or preservatives and this is a true one ingredient treat. Knowing you are giving your dog a single ingredient, all natural and very high quality beef jerky treat, makes label reading much easier! Combine that with supporting a very worthwhile group, rest assured, you are doing good for your dog and adults with disabilities. 


We guarantee your dog will love the taste, crunch, and thin jerky strips. If you don’t live near a retailer which sells Greatest American Dog Treats, you may purchase here. Our testers give this treat four VERY enthusiastic paws up, with definite yelping/barking/whining for more! Please support Travis‘s mission and 4Rkids as well!


We would like to note we happily paid for these treats directly online, and this is our honest review! Support this worthwhile cause!


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