Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl

We are thrilled with the product we tested this month — the Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl. At The Fittest Dog, we occasionally struggle with the cumbersome heft of water bowls on the run. Handheld water bottles are sometimes too awkward to hold when you also carry a leash. Our four-legged athletes require hydration, so finding the perfect go-to water bottle/bowl can be tricky.

This month’s product is Stunt Puppy’s entry into yet another necessary outdoorsy gear item, their Nano Bowl. The Nano Bowl is a hit with the pups who happily lap up the water (it’s got a 3.5 cup capacity!). This is a highly approved Dog Runner must-have purchase.

To start, the bowl material is their revolutionary and patent-pending waterproof Nanopore membrane, which is FDA certified non-toxic and chemical-free. The beauty of the Nano Bowl is that it easily folds down to a handkerchief-sized pocket square of sorts. And the strong “hair-tie” like wraparound band easily slid onto the leash of the dogs we tested it on. Most importantly, the bowl stayed wrapped up and compact during our pavement pounding sessions.

This is no average clip-on plastic bowl that slams continuously into a running dog! Handsfree running leash + handsfree, lightweight water bowl = happy dog AND human! If you like to hit the trails, road, or beach with your four-legged friend, we give this powerhouse of a machine-washable water bowl four HUGE paws up.

The Fittest Dog independently tests all of the products we review with our pack and our coaches! Contact us if you’d like for us to take your dog-friendly gear for a sprint with our pups.

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