Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Leash Review

At The Fittest Dog, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest dog gear to use with our clients. Today we are reviewing the Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Leash. We are aware of the popularity of Stunt Puppy handsfree leashes as we see them out all the time. However, we only recently had the opportunity to review one.

We are pleased to say the Stunt Runner is not only a simple design that is easy to use, but HIGHLY durable. While testing, we found the high-quality, thick material to easily withstand the jaws of an overexcited dog! When he tried initially playing tug of war with it (you know who you are!!), the leash remained 100% in tact without one fray. Testing this on dogs of different sizes and temperaments helps us out by knowing who this hands free leash is good for, and that is turns out to be all dogs.

If your dog pulls mid run, the adjustable leash can easily be held in a traditional manner for control, while still attached to your waist. Our favorite aspect of the Stunt Runner is the bungee cord. This allows for coil when adjusting speed or inclines, while keeping your dog close by. Lastly, the aluminum hardware also proves the leash’s durability which is also peace of mind knowing he or she can’t break free!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this workhorse of a leash. We give it four paws up!

The Fittest Dog independently tests all of the products we review with our pack and our coaches! Contact us if you’d like for us to take your dog-friendly gear for a sprint with our pups.

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