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Tips To Calm Your Dog On July 4th

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4th of July Dog


Do you have a dog who is afraid of loud noises?  You’re not alone.  Most dogs suffer from anxiety, and Independence Day is the least favorite holiday for so many of our four-legged family members.  We are here to help you with our tips to calm your dog on July 4th.  

Exercise Calms Dogs 365 Days a Year!


We cannot stress enough the necessity of exercise for our four-legged family member.  The saying, “A tired dog is a happy dog” is true, especially on July 4th. We suggest a day of heavy exercise (preferably late afternoon/early evening), and your dog will come home in anticipation of relaxation!  You too will benefit from a holiday outing of togetherness and fitness!  Consider skipping a crowded dog friendly beach in favor of your neighborhood park with your dog’s favorite new toy, or a hike on a trail with other canine friends and their humans!

If your dog still suffers from fireworks anxiety despite exercise, remember their sense of hearing is much more keen than ours.  Loud booms to us is beyond terrifying to some dogs.  Close doors and windows, and play soft music.  A serene environment inside the home can be controlled by you, even if you cannot control outside noise.  Keeping healthy treats by your side may also help calm your dog, as you give ample affection along with his or her favorite treat.

Another suggestion is a calming shirt or blanket, which creates a sense of security.  We have four-legged clients who very much approve of  Thundershirt.  This is the product of choice for those suffering from firework or any loud noise induced anxiety, which they deem a supposed threat.  Finally, your dog notices YOUR anxiety.  If you think your concern for your dogs mental state during fireworks displays are truly internal, think again!  They pick up on our cues and as we know, dogs are highly intelligent.  If you act as if fireworks aren’t a threat, your dog may follow your lead.  We are their leaders, their friend and their protector.  Choosing preventative steps to help navigate them through life, will deepen your relationship, and we understand the desire to keep our loved ones safe and healthy – physically AND mentally.  



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