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Why Running is Important For a Service Dog

By September 30, 2020 October 6th, 2020 No Comments
Service dog running on trails


Do you have a service dog? Our beloved four-legged client Max is a highly trained and focused service dog for his human Linda. She can’t thank The Fittest Dog enough for the transformative outlet that dog running has provided for her protector/four-legged child/partner-in-crime. Read her very thoughtful and heartwarming words below regarding the necessity of dog running for a service dog.

Why Running is Important For a Service Dog?

Service dog owners are not able to physically give the dog the exercise they need, and it is even more important for this dog to have The Fittest Dog in their lives. Every dog’s mental and physical health is nurtured through a consistent exercise program. Service dogs, especially, carry the emotional as well as the physical burdens of their owners. They need an active, physical release as well as the addition of a relationship with their runner…a support person for their lives!

They, too, need a supportive family around them. Just like humans, they need to be kept physically healthy and mentally alert. Their jobs are emotionally and physically demanding while a running program gives the service dog something to look forward to, as well as another person in their lives — someone they can just have fun with. A true reward for a job well done.

Of course, every dog needs to rest after their run, but it has been my experience that their productivity and desire to work are greatly enhanced by regular exercise. It is also true that this regular exercise stimulates their mental health and physical well-being and keeps them “fit” in order to carry out their important tasks, while staying as young and healthy as possible. This is their perfect and healthy reward for working so hard for us.

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