Your Partner in Keeping

Your Dog Fit & Happy

The Fittest Dog is dedicated to promoting regular exercise for your dog to keep them happy and healthy and to give you peace of mind.


Your Partner in Keeping

Your Dog Fit & Happy

The Fittest Dog is dedicated to promoting regular exercise for your dog to keep them happy and healthy and to give you peace of mind.



It’s nice to meet you! We are delighted that you are here. The Fittest Dog is an innovative and holistic canine wellness provider. Founded by a lifelong athlete and dog lover, we have seen firsthand the transformative power of dog running. We use running as a tool to help dogs and their families maximize their enjoyment of life by fostering tongue-to-tail wellness in your pup. Our expert coaches offer individualized wellness plans for every dog we run, tailored to the needs of the individual dog and their family. 

How can The Fittest Dog help?


Our team of experienced dog runners — our coaches — work with you to determine what your goals are for your dog and devise a custom wellness plan to help you and your dog to achieve maximum health and happiness for the whole family.

2 SET…

After your free introductory run, you will receive an email requesting information about your goals for your dog, which can be anything from a weight loss plan to dealing with dog boredom. During the initial run, our coaches will assess your dog’s fitness level and emotional responses to create a tailored wellness plan.

3 RUN!

Within 48 hours of the first run, you will receive a Fittest Dog Wellness Plan created specifically for your dog, with a recommended running schedule along with suggested resources to improve and maintain optimum health in three key areas of canine wellness: nutrition, cognition, and socialization

What is dog running?

Running is the quickest way to canine health and wellness

Dog running is exactly what it sounds like — running with a dog! The concept is as simple as it is effective. Dogs are born to run, move, stretch, and explore.

While most dogs today enjoy a relaxed life with air conditioning and ample toys, many modern pups miss out on vital time outdoors, doing what their bodies and brains were built to do.

When dogs don’t get an adequate amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation they suffer in multiple ways. Dog running can help improve the health of your dog in three key areas of canine wellness: nutrition, cognition, and socialization.

Benefits of Dog Running

How Can The Fittest Dog Help Your Dog & Your Family?

Reduced Stress Nervous dogs find their purpose through running, which quickly calms their body and mind.
Helps Prevent DiseaseA holistic approach to canine well-being, dog running, in addition to proper nutrition, is key for longevity and overall decrease in Vet bills.
Reduces AnxietyDogs who suffer from anxiety find a positive outlet through running. This positive redirect, is crucial to calming an anxious dog’s nerves.
Stimulate SensesDogs are naturally born to run and thrive when they are outdoors. Fresh air is soothing to their body and mind, creating a canine “runners high”.
Eliminate BoredomPost-run dogs are tired and content, therefore lessening the chance of household destruction caused by boredom.
Improves BehaviorMany overactive dogs find consistent running zen-like and channel their inner wiggles in a healthy, focused way.
Improves Joint Health Optimal diet and exercise helps dogs keep their joints healthy. Ask your vet for supplement recommendations before purchasing, should you wish to incorporate to your daily routine.
Promotes Healthy WeightAn estimated 56% of dogs are overweight or obese. Dog running combats obesity through fitness structure and goals for ideal weight and muscle tone.
Strengthen MusclesMuscle tone is clearly evident in a dog with a regular running routine. Hill repeat on healthy dogs create toned hind legs, core and shoulder muscles.
Boosts Immune SystemWeight management through exercise and healthy diet, are key components to a strong immune system.

What Others Say...

Kimberli and her Team are so amazing! Their love of animals, attention to detail, and affection towards my dog is insurmountable. They listen to my needs and pay close attention to weather conditions, status of dog's health, speed and patterns. I always feel at ease when they're in control and am happy to have my dog tired while I work from home!

Kali's Mom

Kimberli and crew are simply the best at what they do with our beloved pups! I had noticed differences in all three of my Vizslas within just a few weeks of her helping with their exercise routine. They carried way more energy and vitality throughout the week. After one month with Kimberli I fired a “walking” service which was severely lacking. You will not regret hiring this crew.

Bodie & Dani's Dad
Become part of The Fittest Dog pack

Become Part of The Fittest Dog Pack!

The Fittest Dog is committed to helping dogs reach their maximum happiness potential by providing individual wellness plans and coaching. We believe that dogs deserve to live the happiest, healthiest lives possible and it is our mission to make sure every dog we meet has the opportunity to live their best life. Dogs are part of our family, and we treat them with the same love and respect as we do our human family members. When you join The Fittest Dog pack, you are joining a community of animal lovers that actively seeks opportunities to promote canine wellness and educate humans about the best ways to promote holistic health in their furry family members.   Please read the testimonials of some of our client success stories and follow us on social media to share in the joy of dog running with us!