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Our Founder's Story

With an athletic background in Division One collegiate soccer, followed by a new found love of running as an adult, Kimberli formed racepacepups in 2016 (relaunched as The Fittest Dog in December 2019).  After hobbling through what she describes as a “disastrous marathon,” Kimberli found herself sulking on a beach one day, reliving that disappointing race, when she saw a woman running past with her dog. Kimberli’s mood was instantly lifted and, shockingly, her self pity instantly went by the wayside.  The idea of combining her love of dogs with her love of running snowballed, and this idea became her purpose.

In our short time in business, we have run with overweight dogs who need exercise for health reasons, pups who have excess energy that needs an outlet, as well as those who simply prefer to RUN instead of walk!  We tailor each workout plan to your dog’s specific athletic abilities. Just like with humans, most dogs have different exercise needs, hence the one-on-one running (and walking, of course, as necessary!).  We look forward to meeting you and your four-legged family member soon!

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The Fittest Dog is INCREDIBLE and has been a complete game changer for our golden retriever, Bear. Our pup is young and his breed is naturally energetic, so having somebody we trust run him regularly has helped tremendously with his happiness and behaviorisms. He's calmer, less rambunctious, and more obedient. Kimberli is not only the sweetest, most trusting person ever, but she's extremely knowledgeable and professional. Dogs and running are her passions and it shows! She's an avid marathon runner and loves her furry friends. I can't imagine not having hired The Fittest Dog. They've exceeded our expectations on all levels. Such a good company and service for an affordable price. Love them!

Bear's Mom

I can't say enough wonderful things about Kimberli and her company. We randomly met her in La Jolla when we learned of her services. We had two Vizslas and we knew we needed to get Huffer on an exercise regimen because she was getting older and preferred to sleep versus playing with her brother. She was starting to gain weight and get some arthritis. Kimberli isn't just a "dog walker" but put Huffer on specific routine that fit her age and ability. Huffer literally got younger after just a couple weeks; more energy and happier. Kimberli has become very dear to me because she was the one who was able to keep eyes on Huffer and alert us to some issues she was having. It, unfortunately, it turned out to be a tumor and Kimberli was there for us giving emotional support all the way to the end. All of our dogs love her and look forward to her coming. She always send us pictures of them and you can tell she loves them so much. Which to me has been the most special thing about her. She even sends me Huffer pics now and then and we reminisce on how wonderful of a fur-baby she was. Kimberli is the best!

Huffer's Mom

Finding Kimberli and her team was a dream come true for me! I had been using dog walking services, which were great but having a very active Australian Kelpie she needed more. She was starting to look a little “round” and after working long 12 hour shifts it was hard for me to find the energy to give her what she really needed. TFD has been running Gia since about March and it’s been amazing. People have commented on her looking slimmer and she’s got endless energy! She loves the girls who run her and she’s always nice and sleepy afterwards. I’ll forever be grateful for finding these guys and I know Gia definitely is! My other dog is 20 and although he doesn’t run like he used to I believe all the love and exercise is what’s keeping him going! Thank you Kimberli and Mariah for everything! We love you guys!'

Gia's Mom

Our Mission

The Fittest Dog is an innovative and holistic canine wellness provider. Founded by a lifelong athlete and dog lover, we attest to the transformative power of running. We use running as a tool to help dogs and their families maximize their enjoyment of life by fostering tongue-to-tail wellness in your pup. 

Our Vision

The Fittest Dog is committed to helping dogs reach their maximum happiness potential by providing individual wellness plans and coaching. We offer bespoke fitness plans for each of our clients that address their specific needs. The Fittest Dog actively seeks opportunities to promote canine wellness in the community and educate humans about the best ways to promote holistic health in their furry family members.

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