Fat and Lazy Dog

Does your dog like to nap all day? Maybe your dog prefers to eat often and live a lazy life. Is that ok? Your dog may be overweight and we are here to help you change your dog’s sedentary lifestyle. Diet and exercise are the two key (and simple!) components to your dog’s longevity. While human fitness is always a top New Year’s resolution, don’t disregard your dog’s health and fitness. They deserve your dedication with regard to their health, just as you are dedicated to your own. Read below to learn which breeds are prone to weight gain as well as how to change your dog’s grazing, lazing ways!! 


Dogs can be creatures of habit, and thrive on routine. Some dog’s know by the sound of their human picking up the leash, it’s time to exercise. Others know when their human walks into the special pantry, food is on its way! If you are the owner of a Labrador Retriever, you know your dog is always on the hunt for food. Labradors are notorious for always being hungry, even after they polish off their meal. The Farmer’s Dog is a popular dog food delivery system which has gained popularity in recent years for their convenience as well as health benefits. If your budget doesn’t allow for this service, knowing which nutrients are most important, breed specific, you can make the educated food choice yourself! Royal Canin has dedicated food for certain purebred dogs, and each breed requires different amounts and types of nutrients. Believe it or not, biting patterns and jaw structure are two of the main differences in breed specific dog food. 

So which breeds tend to be overweight and why? Our top picks (we run these breeds as well!) are:

  1. Labradors – They are always on the hunt for the next snack, even after their meal!
  2. Bulldogs – This breed tends to be affectionate yet overly lazy. Even light exercise and a healthy diet will help keep this overgrown lap dog in your life longer!
  3. Cocker Spaniels – This regal breed is a field dog, and if not given the exercise they need, this gorgeous and often spoiled dog will do tricks for treats!
  4. Golden Retrievers – While this athletic breed doesn’t seem to belong on our list, they need a strict diet and ample exercise, otherwise they will overeat.
  5. Beagles – This sometimes hyper, and always high energy breed earns a spot on our list because of their insatiable appetite. Some owners feel they aren’t feeding their Beagle enough because of their excess energy. Be careful with food measurements when it comes to Beagles and do not overfeed!
  6. Newfoundland – While we admit we are absolute suckers for this face, this gentle giant is especially prone to weight gain. Along with other larger breeds, when overweight, they are prone to hip dysplasia and hypertension.


Even if your dog is not on this list, ANY dog can easily become overweight. 56% of dogs are overweight or obese and at The Fittest Dog, we are more dedicated than ever to lowering the canine obesity rates. If you are unable to run or walk with your dog, that’s ok! Our pick for Flingerz dog fetch toy is easy for anyone to use while your interested dog gets the exercise they need. If you are able to run with your dog, make it a habit to take your dog out for a run – at their pace – and know this enjoyable outing will only strengthen your bond. Positive talk and praise will keep your dog aiming to please you while exercising. If you aren’t one to run but love the outdoors, a hike with your dog (with ample water, of course!) will keep your dog stimulated. The change in elevation and footing will burn excess calories for dog and human!


If you have any questions about our dog running services, or brands we recommend, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you in your quest for optimal canine fitness! After all, we feel immense pride in what we do, and helping others is what we do best!


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