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Can dog running help treat separation anxiety in dogs? Yes, it can! Separation anxiety in dogs is a difficult experience for both dogs and their humans. It can be triggered by a change in your routine (transitioning from working at home to working in an office), a change in location (moving to a new house) or by a change in your family (the loss of a companion in the household). No matter the cause, the experience is stressful for both your dog and your family as you navigate a new routine together. It is very important that you treat this issue in a timely and compassionate manner. Just like with humans, dealing with anxiety can be a complex issue. But it is critical to get your dog the help they need.

How to spot separation anxiety
There are ways to tell if your dog isn’t dealing well with being left alone. Read below for some common signs of separation anxiety in dogs.

  • Excessive barking, whining, or howling
  • Chewing and destroying items in the house
  • Accidents in the house
  • Drooling or panting more than normal
  • Pacing or other obsessive behaviors
  • Trying to escape

There are lots of strategies you can use to work on easing your dog’s discomfort in your absence. Depending on the severity of the separation anxiety, you can start with some behavior modifications and use positive reinforcement to lessen your dog’s reaction to your absence. With consistent use of positive behavior reinforcement you will be able to help your dog regain their sense of security and alleviate their anxiety. 

How exercise can help with separation anxiety
One important tool in reducing separation anxiety and increasing overall health is to introduce a regular, vigorous exercise routine into your dog’s schedule. It is a great way to stimulate full body engagement in your dog. Activating the nervous system and cardiovascular system at the same time is very helpful in burning off excess energy (which can manifest as anxiety). 

Dog running is a great way to enhance and help with your dog’s recovery from separation anxiety. Most dogs who suffer from separation anxiety find relief when they are with another human. The companionship of a dog runner combined with the mental and physical workout of a run is a great way to boost your dog’s overall wellbeing while you are away.  There’s a reason that tired dogs are happy dogs!

The Fittest Dog is dedicated to providing holistic, healthy care to all dogs. Exercise and gentle nurturing from our trained coaches are an important tool in curing separation anxiety. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your dog. 

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