As dog runners, nothing makes us happier than a well designed hands-free running leash. We have tested a few and while shopping at our neighborhood healthy pet store, Pupologie, we were turned on to EzyDog. EzyDog is a brand of outdoor dog gear which prides itself in its thoughtful design and high-quality gear. Upon inspection, we felt EzyDog would be a leash to test with multiple of our four-legged clients. How did it hold up and compare to other running leashes we have tested? Our detailed review gives all of your possible questions answered.


The first thing we noticed with the leash were the vibrant color options. We chose black because we have been doing ample dusty trail dog running as of late, and thought this would be good for our larger breed trail dogs, i.e. German Shepherd and Husky.  We saw the vivid orange, red, blue and purple (oh we wanted purple!!) making color choice fairly difficult! EzyDog have incorporated Zero Shock Technology, which in theory, will help reign in any last second bunny chasing dreams from one our running dogs. Thankfully, this leash is durable and as of today, no dog has broken free from this workhorse! 

My personal highlight is the cushion in the center of the leash, which is a welcome relief to my back, and is unique compared to other leashes. This is the start of great things to come with EzyDog. With the combination of soft touch webbing, their claim of “most comfortable, strong and durable lead on the market” is on point. 

Other highlights of the Road Runner Leash is the sliding buckle which helps adjust the leash for a tighter or looser fit, depending on how much freedom your four-legged running partner deserves! There have been times where we have given one well behaved pup a long, loose leash, only to need to shorten it when he decided to dash after a lizard! The neoprene handle (if using as a handheld leash) and reflective webbing, are all thoughtful details for the human outdoor enthusiast. Finally, the D-Ring and barrel lock are perfect for accessory additions for your run. 

In short, we give the Road Runner Leash by EzyDog four enthusiastic paws up, and  look forward to learning much more about this popular brand of dog gear!

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