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Dog Gear Reviews: ThunderLeash

By February 9, 2020 No Comments
Maia the dog using Thunderleash

We are in love with a new leash! It’s the ThunderLeash, from the hugely successful ThunderShirt company. It’s is a tale of two leashes in one! It works as an everyday leash as well as training tool. We tested this new design on one of our local runners, Maia, and although the design was unlike anything we had tried in the past, we were curious to see if it was effective.

During our test with the lovely Maia, we saw why this training leash is so popular! What piqued our curiosity initially was the design of the safety buckle. It is substantial and unique. The advertised “no pull” leash to leash/harness combo, is unlike any other in that it promotes safe pressure around your dog’s neck and no harness necessary. We were concerned this was “just another leash” and were happily proved wrong in an instant.

Maia is one of our younger runners. And, like most youngsters, she has so much excitement built up that she wants to sprint immediately! The ThunderLeash creates safe pressure when the leash is used in the “no pull” manner.

It effectively wraps around the torso like a light harness. This action helps your dog go from lunge-and-pull mode to walking or running by your side, as we witnessed on our run with Maia.

Positive trainers around the country are big fans of this iteration of a reinforcement tool, as do we! We give the ThunderLeash four paws up!

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