Coyote Vest Dog Gear Review

In this installment of our dog gear reviews we bring you a product that provides our beloved small pups the safety they need when living in a big dog world. Meet the CoyoteVest—body armor for your dog! The CoyoteVest is an ingeniously designed piece of gear that provides small dogs with protection from natural predators such as coyotes and birds of prey. It also protects your dog from aggressive dogs you may encounter on walks or in dog parks.

The vest is made of incredibly strong Dupont Kevlar that resists sharp canine teeth and talons. It  serves as pet body armor while also being a featherlight and comfortable fabric for your dog to wear. You can add spikes to protect the vulnerable neck area as well as plastic whiskers to deter predators from even thinking about approaching your dog.

The vest is lightweight and easy to fit on your dog. It has an adjustable collar and waist straps for a custom fit. The spikes and whiskers are attached with Velcro. This gives you options in how you configure the CoyoteVest so it suits your needs and destination. We tested this on our smallest clients and were delighted with it. The CoyoteVest was to easy use and comfortable for our pups to wear. Most importantly, the extra security we had when taking our beloved dogs out on the San Diego trails was priceless.

The Fittest Dog independently tests all of the products we review with our pack and our coaches! Contact us if you’d like for us to take your dog-friendly gear for a sprint with our pups.

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