NewRoad Protein Chips

At The Fittest Dog, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest gear and products to use on outings with our four-legged runners. This month we are reviewing NewRoad Protein Chips. It’s a new dog snack offering from a local SoCal business, NewRoad Foods.

One of our most fashionable runners is Sheba. This Doodle is a joy to run and always looks so lovely with her bows and ears flapping in the wind as she gallops around the neighborhood. All of this pretty prancing works up an appetite for this athlete. We thought she would be the perfect pup to try out NewRoad’s Protein Chips.

Made with only three organic ingredients—chicken, potato, and coconut oil—these human-grade treats are truly healthy. They also have a hint of rosemary extract, making these snacks definitely smell good enough for Sheba’s human to eat, too! The chips make portioning out the snacks easy. They are great to use for training as well. Sheba loved the flavor and texture of these post-run snacks, earning them four paws up! And we love the fact that these delicious, nutritious treats are made locally.

Trying out NewRoad Protein Chips? Let us know what you think!

The Fittest Dog independently tests all of the products we review with our pack and our coaches! Contact us if you’d like for us to take your dog-friendly gear for a sprint with our pups.

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