At The Fittest Dog, we believe all dogs deserve the best in life. They deserve the best love, devotion, exercise and nutrition. While we advocate for healthy diet with minimal treats, we absolutely believe in treats! Having said that, clean labels and ingredients we all know and love are a must. Where do we turn for treats that fully fit this bill? We look to celebrity trainer, and star of My Big Fat Pet Makeover, Travis Brorsen. Travis started Greatest American Dog Treats and our four legged clients have tested and approved the single ingredient, Pete’s Mesquites Jerky. How will they like the Organic Biscuits? Read below and find out!


As we mentioned in our previous review of his jerky, Travis doesn’t just make and sell treats. He has partnered with Oklahoma based 4RKids. 4RKids is an Oklahoma-based organization which employees adults with disabilities, giving them a structured work environment. Because we have ordered from them in the past, we knew what to expect with the Organic Biscuits. Once again, we received a homemade thank you card signed by employees of the organization and there was ample thought and effort put into the overall packing and delivery. This is much appreciated and their dedication to putting a smile on customers faces worked yet again. As for the biscuits?

We had a feeling our four-legged testers would approve of the all organic ingredients. Ranging from peanut butter to flax seed, molasses to cranberry and apple, this was a hit. Travis’s extensive knowledge on overall health and wellbeing of dogs shines in this treat. We tested on six dogs and all six looked up at us for more, with those begging eyes. Sometimes it’s hard to say no to a dog with “that” look. And yes, we threw them a second treat! We felt confident in knowing this was a satisfying post run treat for each of these testers, and their humans approved as well.

Thanks to Travis once again for his effort and commitment to improving quality of life for dogs and humans! If you do not live near a retailer selling these tasty treats, you may purchase HERE. We look forward to seeing what’s next in store for Greatest American Dog Treats and 4RKids! 

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