Do you have a dog who likes to play fetch? Do you have a dog who does NOT like to play fetch? Our latest review is of a fetch toy different than any others we have seen. We chose one of our running dogs whose owner is adamant her dog will not participate. Since we are known for our love of helping dogs with challenges, we were ready to prove his owner wrong!


Flingerz is a company with over 25 years experience designing innovative pet toys. They say, “Playtime with your pup will never be the same with the Flingerz Ball Launching Dog Toy. We know you only want the best for your dog, so we’ve made sure that the Flingerz is exactly that – the best!”. At The Fittest Dog, we too only want to recommend the best, and this fetch toy is unlike any we have tested. A typical fetch toy is plastic, sometimes flimsy, and a tennis ball. The package itself was bright green and resembled a Subway footlong sandwich! This was the beginning of my love of Flingerz.


When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed was the sturdiness of the throwing stick. I also liked the substantial grip of the handle. This makes long games of fetch much more comfortable on the throwing hand. The yellow ball is grooved and heavier than a tennis ball and is so bright that its hard to lose! I dropped the ball on the grass, with a seemingly uninterested dog sniffing the flowers nearby. I wasn’t expecting the ball to snugly fit, but the grooved ball easily took hold and did not fall off! Kirby was called over, and I assumed he would look at the ball mid air and not participate. Kirby literally SPRINTED to the ball! He ran back so fast to me while easily gripping the ball in his mouth.


Round two? Success again for a very excitable Chocolate Lab. Kirby is a convert, and we are so confident that your dog will feel the same. We also suggest using the ball as a mental stimulation toy by stuffing peanut butter in the grooves. Whether you do this at night or while away from home, this toy doubles as a puzzle feeder! We wholeheartedly recommend Flingerz, and hope you support this dedicated group of animal lovers! Their many reviews on Amazon tell the same story as ours.


If you can’t run with your dog but still want to give him or her ample exercise, Flingerz is our choice for top exercise fun for your dog! Let us know how you like your fetch toy!





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