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How To Run With Your Dog

Running dogs comes as natural to us at The Fittest Dog as dog walking is to most owners. We know through action, the physical and mental benefits of dog running. This is not the case for many dog parents, and that is ok! We are here to help when you can't, however, thanks to our feature in The Farmer's Dog Digest, our tips are tailored for first time dog running parents! Read below to learn…
Kimberli Weeks
November 21, 2021
Golden Retriever on grassPhysical Health

My Dog is Obese. What Can I Do?

Do you worry that your dog is obese? Dogs are our best friends, family members, and constant companions. We love them dearly, and often show our affection through treating our pups to snacks and, occasionally, human food. While there is nothing wrong with giving your dog a treat from time to time, it is important that you take your pet’s weight and fitness as seriously as you do your own.  Rising dog obesity numbers Dog…
Rebecca Warren
October 15, 2021
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Wolfgang’s Massive Beagle Weight Loss Journey: Part Two

Below is the continuation of the weight loss journey of Wolfgang The Beagle. For anyone out there with a morbidly obese dog, Wolfie is proof change can and WILL happen. Put time and effort in, and you too can make a difference in your dog's health. Your beloved four-legged family member will be forever grateful and it's never too late to start. Please do your part to keep your dog alive and healthy for as…
Kimberli Weeks
July 26, 2021
Our StoriesPhysical Health

Meet Wolfgang The Obese Beagle. From Fattest to Fittest: Part 1

Our mission as a canine wellness provider is to help families get and keep their dog healthy. We know exercise and nutrition is key to achieving the whole dog. We also have a soft spot for Beagles. Representing Beagle Freedom Project for a third NYC Marathon in a row, I want to highlight one of my absolute favorite Beagles. Wolfgang is an inspirational social media superstar, and he's so much more than just a dog with…
Kimberli Weeks
July 11, 2021
trail running dogPhysical Health

The Dangers of Foxtails and Dogs

What Is a Foxtail? May is traditionally the beginning of Foxtail season in San Diego. Spring and summer months are filled with what we call "dog running hazards".  What could possibly be a "dog running" hazard, which we don't already know about?  Let us explain to you the dangers of Foxtails and Dogs.   Foxtails are prevalent in the Western US, and are ever present in parks, sidewalks and fields (even your backyard).  The danger…
Kimberli Weeks
May 2, 2021
vizslaNutritionPhysical Health

Does My Dog Have Seasonal Allergies?

March is a month many humans love, due to the overabundance of new growth. Winter ends and Spring begins, with beautiful wildflowers starting to blossom for the season. While this makes for a gorgeous landscape, many humans suffer from seasonal allergies. The pollen! The dust! The beautiful green grass! The sneezing, wheezing, scratching and itchy eyes is unbearable at times. Does this sound familiar to you? Does your dog appear to suffer as well? We…
Kimberli Weeks
March 7, 2021
Fat and Lazy DogIn The NewsPhysical Health

Is My Dog Fat? It May Depend on Breed!

Does your dog like to nap all day? Maybe your dog prefers to eat often and live a lazy life. Is that ok? Your dog may be overweight and we are here to help you change your dog's sedentary lifestyle. Diet and exercise are the two key (and simple!) components to your dog's longevity. While human fitness is always a top New Year's resolution, don't disregard your dog's health and fitness. They deserve your dedication…
Kimberli Weeks
December 27, 2020
In The NewsPhysical Health

Is My Puppy Old Enough To Run?

Are you one of the many people who welcomed a puppy into your home in 2020? We have recently had many requests for older puppies to join our pack, but we are asked the same question each time. "Is my puppy old enough to run?" is what so many of you are wondering. Let us break down the do's and don'ts of puppy running, from breed to age.     Dogs are born to run,…
Kimberli Weeks
November 22, 2020
Service dog running on trailsMental HealthPhysical Health

Why Running is Important For a Service Dog

  Do you have a service dog? Our beloved four-legged client Max is a highly trained and focused service dog for his human Linda. She can't thank The Fittest Dog enough for the transformative outlet that dog running has provided for her protector/four-legged child/partner-in-crime. Read her very thoughtful and heartwarming words below regarding the necessity of dog running for a service dog. Why Running is Important For a Service Dog? Service dog owners are not…
Rebecca Warren
September 30, 2020
beach dogPhysical Health

Do I Need Pet Insurance For My Dog?

Insurance is a part of life. Between home, auto, renters, dental and much more, insurance is a must. What about dogs? Do I need pet insurance for my dog? The answer is yes, but choosing the correct company and coverage for your needs can be overwhelming. We have researched this often overlooked industry and have our picks for the top pet insurance choices for your dog.    Every dog needs some form of exercise, and…
Kimberli Weeks
July 16, 2020
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