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DogSnob 5-In-1 Multivitamin Gravy Topper Review

Are you always on the lookout for the next best thing in dog health and nutrition? Do you consider your dog a part of your family and only want the best for him or her? Then look no further than the aptly named, DogSnob. They believe it's perfectly accurate to consider yourself a snob when it comes to your dog. After all, your dog is your child! Read below to learn more about our test…
Kimberli Weeks
January 20, 2021
Fat and Lazy DogIn The NewsPhysical Health

Is My Dog Fat? It May Depend on Breed!

Does your dog like to nap all day? Maybe your dog prefers to eat often and live a lazy life. Is that ok? Your dog may be overweight and we are here to help you change your dog's sedentary lifestyle. Diet and exercise are the two key (and simple!) components to your dog's longevity. While human fitness is always a top New Year's resolution, don't disregard your dog's health and fitness. They deserve your dedication…
Kimberli Weeks
December 27, 2020
In The News

Why Leptospirosis Is The New “Doggie Covid”

Do you know what Leptospirosis is? How do you know if your dog is showing signs of the rapidly spreading disease in San Diego dogs? We are on a mission not just to get your dogs healthy, but to spread awareness on all aspects of dog health. Please read our public service alert on Lepto and how you can do your part to keep your dog safe.   According to the CDC, our pets are…
Kimberli Weeks
December 5, 2020
In The NewsPhysical Health

Is My Puppy Old Enough To Run?

Are you one of the many people who welcomed a puppy into your home in 2020? We have recently had many requests for older puppies to join our pack, but we are asked the same question each time. "Is my puppy old enough to run?" is what so many of you are wondering. Let us break down the do's and don'ts of puppy running, from breed to age.     Dogs are born to run,…
Kimberli Weeks
November 22, 2020
Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Leash ReviewProduct Reviews

Dog Gear Reviews: Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Leash

At The Fittest Dog, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest dog gear to use with our clients. Today we are reviewing the Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Leash. We are aware of the popularity of Stunt Puppy handsfree leashes as we see them out all the time. However, we only recently had the opportunity to review one. We are pleased to say the Stunt Runner is not only a simple design…
Kimberli Weeks
November 15, 2020
Product Reviews

A Fetch Toy With Your Active Dog In Mind

Do you have a dog who likes to play fetch? Do you have a dog who does NOT like to play fetch? Our latest review is of a fetch toy different than any others we have seen. We chose one of our running dogs whose owner is adamant her dog will not participate. Since we are known for our love of helping dogs with challenges, we were ready to prove his owner wrong!   Flingerz…
Kimberli Weeks
November 8, 2020
NutritionProduct Reviews

Healthy Dog Treats With a Mission: Pete’s Mesquites Beef Jerky Treats

Are you looking for a healthy treat for your dog? We are here to tell you about our latest find and it's a special one! We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Animal Planet host of My Big Fat Pet Makeover, Travis Brorsen, and learning about his mission of healthy and fit dogs, just like ours. What we didn’t know is he also has a partnership with Oklahoma based 4Rkids. Their collaboration led to what…
Kimberli Weeks
November 4, 2020
Mental HealthOur Stories

Why Does My Dog Bark At Other Dogs?

Do you have an anxiety prone dog? Does your normally well behaved dog turn into an aggressive, barking dog at the sight of his or her triggers? Read below to learn about one of our running dog’s triggers, and what we do to correct it.    I’m a pro at multitasking, and that is exactly what I do when I run dogs. I am constantly coaching, loving, supporting and motivating each and every dog. At…
Kimberli Weeks
October 26, 2020
Product Reviews

Dog Gear Reviews: EzyDog Road Runner Leash

As dog runners, nothing makes us happier than a well designed hands-free running leash. We have tested a few and while shopping at our neighborhood healthy pet store, Pupologie, we were turned on to EzyDog. EzyDog is a brand of outdoor dog gear which prides itself in its thoughtful design and high-quality gear. Upon inspection, we felt EzyDog would be a leash to test with multiple of our four-legged clients. How did it hold up…
Kimberli Weeks
October 8, 2020
Our StoriesProduct Reviews

A Case Study on Honest Paws CBD and Our Running Dogs

Have you considered purchasing CBD for your dog? We have had many people ask our opinion on CBD and which brand is best, so we did our own research on CBD for dogs. Oftentimes, people use CBD for their dog because there is a need. Does your dog have anxiety issues? Is your dog suffering from joint pain? Some dogs are healthy but have slight issues, such as excessive licking. Is this your dog? During…
Kimberli Weeks
October 1, 2020
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